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By Christina Stiles

In releasing Nethus, characters of degrees 11-15 discover the machinations of Midgard’s God video game by means of turning into lively contributors in its play.

Pawns. that's what we're. Pawns in a divine chess video game. The gods play video games of strength and deception of their heavenly nation-states, relocating mortals at their whim. They ship us to warfare, and sometimes to our deaths. They toss us apart once we not turn out priceless. the 1st gods have been made; they have been as soon as mortals who have been remodeled through wellsprings of energy. what's made, after all, could be unmade. Even these born to divinity can definitely die and an individual able to find such wellsprings can subscribe to the gods’ ranks. whereas those wellsprings should be locations of strength, they could even be the gods themselves—defeating even a lesser god releases “sparks” of divinity. One needs to in simple terms safe those “sparks” prior to others achieve them.
—The nymph Thetis, in the course of her imprisonment on Cystoseira within the Western Ocean

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Vigilant (1/day) Yeneva profits righteous could for 10 rounds, other than it offers DR/chaotic. records Str thirteen, Dex sixteen, Con 20, Int 23, Wis 18, Cha 39 Base Atk +13; CMB +14; CMD 38 Feats Alertness, Blind-FightM, Cosmopolitan (Knowledge [arcana], wisdom [nature]), additional Revelation, additional Revelation, more suitable InitiativeM, Noble Scion of Peace, Prophetic Visionary (1/day), Quicken Spell, succeed in Spell talents Bluff +21, international relations +34, conceal +21, Heal +12, wisdom (arcana) +26, wisdom (dungeoneering) +20, wisdom (engineering) +20, wisdom (geography) +20, wisdom (history) +22, wisdom (local) +22, wisdom (nature) +20, wisdom (nobility) +20, wisdom (planes) +22, wisdom (religion) +20, notion +24, feel purpose +25, Spellcraft +27 Languages Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Enochian, Gnome, Infernal, Rue-Thothka (Minotaur), exchange Tongue SQ extraordinary initiative, more desirable skill (Charisma), demanding to kill, mysteries (lore), mythic energy (11/day), mythic spellcasting (earthquake, flame strike, foresight, non secular weapon), oracle’s curses (clouded imaginative and prescient, wasting), overflowing grace, recovery, revelations (arcane archivist [1/day], computerized writing [commune] [1/day], fortune [3/day], present of prophecy [1/day], lore keeper, psychological acuity +4, misfortune, traditional divination [5/day], avoid mystery, spontaneous symbology), surge (+1d8), vigilant (1/day) different apparatus convenience (+5 glamered, heavy fortification celestial chain mail), quarterstaff, amulet of normal armor +5, belt of actual perfection +4, cloak of resistance +5, headscarf of psychological superiority +6 (Sense cause, Spellcraft, Diplomacy), incense of meditation, ioun stone (orange prism), requiem bliss (6 doses) ring of security +5, ring of spell turning (3/day), tremor boots, wizard spellbook (wish) Yeneva has used different spells to enhance the effectiveness of her contingent, with periods enough to final the wrestle no matter if the desktops hold up in attacking. the subsequent spells were solid and their results are indexed less than: Foresight: those bonuses are incorporated in Yeneva’s stat block. Mass owl’s knowledge: those bonuses are figured in every one combatant’s stat block. second of prescience: Yeneva may perhaps upload a +19 perception bonus to at least one assault roll, wrestle maneuver roll, adversarial skill fee, or saving throw. She may also upload the bonus to her AC opposed to one assault, yet prefers to reserve it for a saving throw, considering that she already has an perception bonus to AC. Overflow of grace: The oracle casts mass treatment mild wounds to offer her warriors a +1 sacred bonus to assaults, saves, and tests for a whole minute. Spell immunity: Yeneva’s foresight spell warns her which spells to organize for. If any desktops have signature or favourite spells, or are targeted in a selected institution of magic, imagine Yeneva has selected 4 such spells to be resistant to. be aware that spell immunity purely protects opposed to spells of 4th point or reduce. Spell resistance: This impact is incorporated in Yeneva’s stat block. improvement: computers who desire to achieve Nethus’s aid throughout the struggle face numerous difficult offerings.

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