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By Brian Jacques

Buckler the hare, Blademaster of the lengthy Patrol, needs to shop the kids of Redwall Abbey-kidnapped by means of the vile Vilaya the Sable Quean-and cease the villain's conquest of Mossflower wooden.

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Binta fell again, coughing and spitting because the airborne dirt and dust got here during the grille. “Wot’n the identify . . . wot’s ’appenin’ in there? ” one of many guards, who had properly stood apart, lacking the choking particles, commented mockingly, “Go an’ see, if’n ye desires to. I’m gettin’ outta the following afore the roof caves in on me! ” He took off in a rush, with the opposite 3 following him. Flandor waded paw-deep throughout the mess which had enveloped half the cavern. “Tura, Midda, are ye all right? Get the little uns up on that facet ledge—make definite they’re all secure! ” Anybeast who used to be uninjured got here to aid the shrewmaid and the younger squirrel. It took your time for the dirt to settle and for the few lanterns to be set correct. thankfully, no lifestyles have been misplaced, and nobeast was once heavily injured. as soon as the babes have been made secure at the ledge and the rest of their nutrients and water have been salvaged, Flandor took a glance round. The tunnel had vanished thoroughly. there has been just a sloping hill of particles the place it had as soon as been. Midda instantly threw herself upon it, digging furiously together with her naked paws. “Flib’s in there. aid me—she may be injured! ” Flandor overpowered her, pulling her away from the wreckage. “Come away, mate. Nobeast could’ve lived via that. There’s been a few mammoth variety o’ cave in, perhaps an earthshift of a few type. You won’t do any strong tryin’ t’dig via that lot. ” Midda struggled within the younger otter’s snatch, then gave up. She sat at the hill of rubble weeping. “Oh, Flib, negative Flib! What the way to die, beaten below all that rock and earth. Oh, my bad sister! ” Tura shook her head unfortunately. “Aye an’ these moles who have been with Flib, they’ll be lifeless, too. ” The Witherspyk hog, Jiddle, wiped airborne dirt and dust from his eyes. “They’d be the fortunate ones, goin’ speedy like that. examine us trapped in the following, an’ they ain’t comin’ again to feed us, I bet. We’ve been left the following t’die sluggish. ” Jango Bigboat was once now not a beast to sit down approximately within the gatehouse ingesting scorching mint tea and nibbling scones unfold with damson look after. Diggs appropriated the Guosim Log a Log’s percentage as he watched Jango depart the desk. “Hah, jolly undesirable shape, leavin’ scones t’go stale like that. the place are you off to, outdated lad? ” The Shrew Chieftain gestured upward. “Goin’ to have a look up there, see if ole Granvy’s gettin’ any details out o’ that vermin. You comin’? ” The irrepressible Diggs waggled his ears. “Oh, via an’ via, m’friend, by means of an’ by way of. quickly as I’ve nourished me smooth younger physique. You run alongside like an excellent chap. We’ll be up shortly, wot! ” Oakheart Witherspyk shared Jango’s scones with Diggs. the large hedgehog particularly loved his meals. “Rather toothsome, this Redwall delicacies, y’know. you can improve a true style for it. ” Diggs watched him consume the final scone. He gazed mournfully on the empty tray. “Oh, rather? Y’don’t say! ” They have been distracted through Jango yelling from the walltop, “Ahoy, buddies, arise ’ere an’ seriously look into this lot! ” Buckler, Skipper and Oakheart have been up at the ramparts within the short while. Jango used to be pointing to a vermin horde arrayed at the west flatlands in entrance of the Abbey.

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